Relationship with Mesquite Energy and Sanchez Oil & Gas

We believe that our relationship with Mesquite Energy, Inc. (“Mesquite Energy”) and associated acreage dedications, provide us with a long range strategic advantage. As of March 13, 2020, Mesquite Energy owned approximately 11.4% of our outstanding common units. Since March 2015, we have completed three midstream asset acquisitions and two working interest acquisitions from Sanchez Energy.

We have a shared services agreement in place with SP Holdings, LLC (“Manager”) the sole member of our general partner, pursuant to which Manager provides services we require to conduct our business, including overhead, technical, administrative, marketing, accounting, operational, information systems, financial, compliance, insurance, acquisition, disposition and financing services. To perform the scope of work defined in the shared services agreement, Manager in turn has a shared services agreement in place with Sanchez Oil & Gas Corporation (“SOG”). We believe that our relationships with Manager and SOG provide us with a cost-effective means of operating our assets. SOG, which was formed in 1972, has a senior management team that averages over 20 years of industry experience. SOG has drilled or participated in over 4,000 wells, directly and through joint ventures, and has successfully built and operated extensive midstream and gathering assets associated with its exploration and production assets. We leverage SOG’s extensive expertise and experience to execute on our business strategy.

Since its inception, SOG has cultivated relationships with mineral and surface rights owners in and around South Texas and other oil and natural gas basins in North America and has compiled an extensive technological database, including more than 8,500 square miles of 3D seismic data, more than 450,000 well logs, greater than 15,000 wells of electronic documents, as well as a fully integrated suite of the latest interpretive geological software. We plan to leverage SOG’s extensive expertise and experience to execute our business strategies.

While we believe that our relationships with Mesquite Energy, Manager and SOG are a significant strength, they are also a source of potential risks and conflicts. For more information, we encourage investors to read our documents on file with the SEC, which are available at: